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Kuro's Commissions are [Closed~!]
Commission Stuff~!!!

Hello, hello! Thank you so much for interest in my commissions! Please allow me to draw art for you!!! =^^=
Here is my information~

I will draw:
Both men and women
Ecchi (seductive poses or clothing)
Some Anthro (Neko girl, or a Lamia girl etc.)
Your Original Character
Fanart of a character
I will not draw:
Hentai or fully naked characters
Fetish art (Heavy bondage, Inflation, Gore etc.)
Visibly Old and wrinkly characters
Facial hair (Hahaha I'm so bad at this TT^TT)
Mecha or machinery for the most part
Over all, just note me and talk with me about it and we can discuss whether I can draw it for you or not! I will only draw up to 3 characters in a picture >~<;;
Basics to Commission Kuro~
Put a message on this journal that you'd like one!^^ Then I will reserve a spot on my list for you. 
Note me with more information and we'll discuss things there! I'll ask for references
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Flames of Bravery



Fairy Tail OC - Guinevere Kodama

Name: Guinevere Kodama

Age: 40s (400 years ago, lives on in Excalibur)

Race: Human/Dragon

Personality: She is a stern but kind woman who dearly loved her husband even when he perished in battle. She cares deeply for her children and people and works to make Avalon into the vision of her husband.

Background: Guinevere was a shrine maiden 400 years ago during the war between the dragons, she took her job seriously and did not allow vandals, she was curious as to why the king would decide to visit an old run down shrine but dismissed it as he helped her maintain it when he wasn't busy, over time she started to fall for him and was elated when he asked for her hand in marriage.

They had a son whom she named Ryou after the dragon of old who fought against the dragon of death.

When she learned that her husband was to fight the same dragon heading to the kingdom she ran back to the shrine and prayed to the imperial dragon who watched over the kingdom, eventually the prayers were answered as the dragon bestowed her husband the sword Excalibur and used it to defeat the dragon and seal it, however he died soon after because of his injuries and the right to wield the blade fell to Guinevere, on her deathbed she placed her consciousness inside the blade to test the king when the kingdom is threatened once more.

Family: Artoria Kodama (Husband), Ryou Kodama (Son), Morganna Kodama (Sister in law removed), Mordred Kodama (Nephew, deceased), Takeru Kodama (Descendant), Irene Belserion Kodama (Best friend), Mikael Kodama (Descendant)

Sword Abilities: Excalibur amplifies the users magic into the blade allowing for one powerful swing capable of shattering the strongest defenses or severely damaging them.

Excalibur Ultima: The blades final ability where the user pours every ounce of magic into the blade essentially overloading it and firing it in one powerful swing annihilating anything in its pathway and carving itself into the ground, after using it the user is unable to move after it which is only used for a last resort

Guinevere (C) Me

Base used: Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail (C) Hiro Mashima

Pairing(s) with me:

Nori Anemoi X Minato Seiton

Hono X Aki Mamoru

Kaen X Akane

Iris Lee X Shizen

Haku X Winter

Ryuto X Altair

Shin Kodama x Himiko Kodama

Mikael Kodama x Tatsumaki

Lisandra x Haka

Pairing(s) with canon

Takeru Kodama X Irene Belserion

Ryu Gensojin X Yukino Agria

Seikyo Nightroad X Hisui E Fiore

Yuya X Seilah

Taiki X Kagura

Owari no Seraph pairings

Taiki X Krul

Carden X Chess

Kenshin Hiragi X Aoi Sangu

Seiji X Horn

Hisoka Jujo X Sayuri


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Keith A. Cross
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I've been on here for over three years and just started putting art on here the third year, hope you guys like my art :3

ID pic made by the awesome :iconaqualeonhart:

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Guild Master: Metatron


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